Top-Rated Mattresses for Motion Isolation

We all know how important sleep is. But unfortunately, not all of us get enough of it. According to health experts, we need to sleep seven to eight hours per day, but a lot of people only get four to five hours of sleep daily. Without adequate sleep, health problems could arise, including depression, anxiety, and even Alzheimer’s disease. There are many reasons why we don’t get enough sleep. Most of us have problems at home or at work and we tend to think about them at night. But there’s one cause of insomnia that we usually ignore: our mattress.

How many of us can admit that we underestimate the importance of having a good mattress? Your mattress has a significant role to play, not only when it comes to sleep and relaxation, but also our health and wellness. Our mattress is more than a place to sleep because the right one can actually alleviate different types of body pain. It can even influence your mood, whether you will have a good or bad day when you wake up.

There are many factors that affect our decision in buying a mattress. But what if you share your bed with your partner? And worse is that he or she moves a lot at night. This can cause you to wake up and feel irritated because several mattresses can carry the movement to your side of the bed. This is what motion transfer is about.

Importance of Motion Isolation in Your Mattress

A restless partner who tosses and turns at night can disturb your sleep. You surely don’t want to feel that movement because you want to enjoy your sleep. It is normal for us humans to roll around and choose a new sleeping position, so that we stay comfortable. This is a natural part of our sleep cycle. But when we wake up another person, we are not only causing distress, but this can also affect their health. With the right mattress though, this can easily be prevented.

Motion transfer is a common complaint for couples. If your partner is a restless sleeper, you are well aware of the fact that it is indeed disruptive and is quite difficult to get a good night’s sleep. There is no question that sleep is proper sleep is important for our body, mind, and even our life expectancy. The right mattress can stop the problem. It is true that you can find mattresses that can prevent you from tossing and turning so much and at the same time, they can limit the commotion you create to your partner.

The Best Type of Mattresses for Motion Isolation

The secret to reducing motion transfer is within the materials of the mattress. Some mattresses are really good in isolating motion, while others can even reinforce it. So which mattress should you go for? As you shop for a new mattress, you will learn that there are different types of mattresses around. Each type of mattress has strong and weak points. When it comes to motion isolation, the best type of mattress to go for is a foam mattress. This includes various types of foam, such as polyurethane, memory foam, and even latex. All these are excellent when it comes to reducing motion.

Energy is directly absorbed through the foams and therefore it is rarely transferred to the other side of the mattress. You will also find dual type mattresses or those that are known as split types, which are also good in stopping motion from getting transmitted to the other side.

Aside from foams, there are also coil mattresses that are effective in stopping motion transfer. This may seem surprising because springs or coils are known for vibrations due to movements of the sleepers. But coil mattresses aren’t the same. How the mattress is constructed can determine whether or not the mattress is good at motion isolation. If you’re interested in a spring mattress for you and your partner, the best one to go for is a mattress with individually pocketed coils. Such method of construction allows independent response of the coils to make motion virtually undetectable

The Worst Type of Mattress for Isolating Motion

If you share your mattress with a very restless partner and you can’t seem to sleep at night because of his or her tossing and turning, you probably have a spring mattress. As mentioned above, the construction of the mattress plays a significant role in stopping motion from transferring to the other side of the bed. You want to stay away from a mattress that has flexible coil springs in its box spring because this type of spring mattress is the most notorious when it comes to creating disturbances around the mattress.

Springs are like the car’s shock absorbers, although cars usually have independent shock absorbers now. Box springs, on the other hand, have hundreds of coils. Therefore, unlike separate vehicle suspensions, mattress springs are connected to one grid known as the box spring surface. This surface is upholstered using a fabric that the mattress stays on top on. The most common cause of extreme motion in coil spring mattress is due to the coils themselves, which are connected to one another using a wire known as a helical. This spiral wire is comparable to the binding we often find at spiral notebooks. The helical is connected to several coil springs, causing it to transfer the motion side to side or head to toe. The motion transfer will depend on the way in which the helical runs within the mattress.

If you’re extremely worried about motion transfer and you’re interested in getting a spring mattress, go for one that has a ridged box spring and one that doesn’t flex. This will limit motion transfers and you may not even feel any movement.

Mattress Type Ranking Based on Motion Isolation

Best in reducing motion transfers Memory Foam Memory foam has motion or energy absorbing properties that enable the mattress to stop transferring motion to the other side of the bed. If you want a memory foam mattress for you and your partner, go for one that has thick foam and one that has a high density.
Excellent in reducing motion transfers Memory Foam Hybrid A mattress defined as a memory foam hybrid has the benefits of a memory foam mattress, along with another type, which is usually an innerspring. Memory foam in this type of mattress is typically at least two inches in height, so they are also good at isolating motion much like a pure memory foam mattress. Such mattress utilizes high quality coils that contribute to minimizing motion transfers. Because there’s memory foam on top or on the second layer, motion is localized effectively.
Good in reducing motion transfers Latex Latex mattresses aren’t the same, but there are numerous kinds that can help reduce motion transfers efficiently. Go for one that is Dunlop processed because this type is better at stopping motion from spreading around the mattress. If you find a Talalay latex mattress, don’t expect too much when it comes to motion isolation.
Fair in reducing motion transfers Airbeds If you’re interested in an airbed, go for a mattress that has dual air chambers. They do a fair job at reducing motion due to the fact that the chambers are separated from each other. Meanwhile, those with a single air chamber are not so good with motion isolation. If you really want an airbed, choose one with at least two inches of memory foam, especially if it only has one air chamber.
Fair to a little bit poor in motion isolation Innerspring Once again, the method of construction will determine whether the innerspring mattress will absorb motion or not. Pocket and offset coils are good or at least fair at reducing motion transfers. The coil types that you should avoid are those that are open, continuous, or Bonnell types since they are quite poor at stopping motion from transmitting.
Poor in reducing motion transfers Waterbeds Waterbeds aren’t really the first choice for couples, especially if one of them is a restless sleeper. However, you also have some options, particularly those with some enhancements, including a separate or more than one water chamber.

The Role of Mattress Foundation

The foundation you use with your mattress can also help reduce motion transfer. In fact, you can use it to improve the mattress’ ability to isolate motion. For your foundation to provide such help, it should be firm and with a solid surface. Stay away from spring foundations, specifically a true box spring foundation since they can only add more to the motion transfer.

Best Mattresses for Restless Sleepers

If you’re sleeping next to a restless sleeper, you probably don’t get enough sleep at night. Thankfully, there are a number of mattresses that aim to address this annoying issue. If you’re currently having a problem with motion transfer, you can find a mattress that is excellent in localizing energy, so you don’t have to worry about the movements traveling to the other side of the mattress. Among these mattresses, here are the best choices that will surely help you have a good night’s sleep even when your partner keeps tossing and turning:

1. Amerisleep Colonial

There are now a lot of new online mattress companies, but Amerisleep is one of the veterans. The company has been around for years and all those times, they have been creating mattresses using high quality materials. The Colonial mattress is one of their best and truly deserves the top spot, particularly for those who want to sleep comfortably and quickly at night.

Amerisleep Colonial Highlights

Here are the top reasons why Amerisleep Colonial is the mattress you’ve been searching for that’s right for you and your restless partner:

– With highly responsive foam

– Has a great feel

– With the right softness

– Helps relieve pressure

– Has a high density foam

– With great support

– Extremely breathable to remain cool

Amerisleep Colonial is made of plant-based foam. If you have allergies or you’re simply an advocate of natural products and materials, this mattress is indeed an excellent choice – whether or not you have a partner who’s a restless sleeper.

Amerisleep Colonial Features

The Colonial mattress is one of the softest mattresses from Amerisleep. The 13-inch mattress is best for side sleepers as well as those who are looking for a mattress that feels soft without allowing you to sink too far into the mattress. This way, you get a lot more hug and contouring than your traditional memory foam mattress. However, Amerisleep Colonial is quite revolutionary, particularly in keeping the sleeper cool even as the mattress conforms to the shape of the body.


Here’s how the Amerisleep mattress is designed for better sleep:

Celliant-Infused Cover The cover of the mattress is made of Celliant among other materials. Celliant technology is quite remarkable with 13 thermoreactive minerals and is designed to ensure that body heat isn’t trapped into the mattress. Instead, it will be converted into infrared light. Many studies support the usefulness of infrared light in increasing blood flow so that the body carries more oxygen. Improved oxygen in the body can have several benefits for our health, including pain relief, better control of temperature, and a very peaceful sleep.
Bio-Pur Foam No one wants to sleep and wake up sweaty in the middle of the night. This is why Amerisleep Colonial aims to keep you feeling cool all night long. With two inches of Bio-Pur foam, the first layer of the mattress is not only soft and has a great feel, but also is also highly responsive. Thanks to this plant-based foam, it is five times more breathable compared to the foams used in other mattresses.
Affinity + Surface Modification Technology The mattress isn’t just soft, but it will also make you feel as if you’re floating on a cloud. The four inch SMT foam has a density of 1.65 lbs. and is created using huge rollers. The pattern is for improving airflow through the breathable channels. Not only that, this layer provides even more support and pressure relief.
Bio-Core The final layer is made of plant-based foam called Bio-Core. It is very sturdy and you can sleep better at night knowing that this mattress will last for several years since you don’t have to worry about it sagging.

Amerisleep Colonial also has a mesh paneling that enables air to escape and wicks away moisture from the mattress, so you sleep even more comfortably.

Problems with Memory Foam that the Colonial Has Addressed

There are a few complaints regarding memory foam, but Amerisleep has found a way for these issues to be resolved:

Sleeping hot: This is a common complaint with memory foam mattresses, especially the thicker ones. But Amerisleep guarantees a cooler sleep, thanks to the Celliant cover and the bio-based foams.

Feeling stuck: The Colonial mattress is quite soft, but you won’t feel that you are sleeping in quicksand. Compared to conventional foam that goes back to its original shape after a minute or so, Amerisleep mattresses are guaranteed to be highly responsive as they can return to their shape within eight seconds or less. For the Colonial, it is estimated to bounce back within four seconds.

Back pain: Too soft mattresses can generate pain, particularly in the lower back. But even if Colonial is quite soft, it is of the right kind of softness. Thanks to Celliant and the innovative construction of the mattress, you will wake up feeling refreshed and with less pain.

Even better is that you can try the mattress for 100 nights and if you’re unhappy with it, you can return it for free. You will get your money back in full as well. Plus, there’s a 20-year warranty in case there’s a problem with the mattress. With the excellent features above, you will surely sleep better without worrying about your partner’s movements.

2. Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme

When it comes to memory foam mattresses, it is impossible not to find an option from Tempurpedic. After all, they are the standard when it comes to this type of mattress. There are many satisfied consumers with the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme mattress, particularly where motion isolation is concerned. The mattress line is also praised for its ability to conform well to the body of the sleeper.

Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Highlights

If you’re considering a Cloud Supreme mattress from Tempurpedic, expect it to be soft. It has an 11 inch profile with memory foam layers. It will lightly conform to the shape of your body, while reducing pressure points. Because it is a memory foam mattress, it is so effective in stopping motion transfers. For the construction of the mattress, the layers are as follows:

– Two inches of Tempur-ES material for the comfort layer

– Two inches of Tempur material for the support layer

– Seven inches of dual airflow system as the base layer

As for the cover fabric, it uses the Swirl SuperStretch exclusively from Tempurpedic. It has a white accent piping from top to bottom, while the sides have Ecru MicroSuede. There is really nothing spectacular about the cover, but you can immediately tell from touching it that it is made from high-quality and durable materials. Unfortunately, Tempurpedic doesn’t disclose the materials they use for their mattresses as well as with the cover.

For those who find it hard to sleep at night, Tempurpedic aims to meet the right balance of softness and firmness with the Cloud Supreme. This will depend from one person to another though since firmness is subjective. For some, Cloud Supreme is quite firm, while others think it is very soft, almost giving them that muddy feeling. Nevertheless, this mattress is recommended for both side and back sleepers.

What’s really good about this Tempurpedic mattress is that it excels in reducing motion transfer. The material used easily absorbs movement and energy. So for couples who want a stable kind of mattress that doesn’t have that much bounce, this is one of the best options. Cloud Supreme is also adjustable base friendly and you can use it with Tempurpedic’s Ergo-Premiere base. This is quite helpful for those with back problems, acid reflux, and sleep apnea.

Unfortunately, you can’t expect something affordable with Tempurpedic. The mattress is very pricey, so you may want to look for another mattress if you have a limited budget. Additionally, there are several complaints about heat trap because the material is sensitive to temperature. As a result, body heat accumulates directly underneath the sleeper. If you live in a place with a warm climate, you may want to skip this mattress choice. Go for Amerisleep Colonial instead – especially if you are worried about chemical concerns. The mattress tends to off-gas longer than some of the more affordable mattresses around.

Nevertheless, if you want a trusted name in memory foam industry, Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme is something you should look into.

3. Simmons BeautyRest

Another trusted brand in the mattress industry is Simmons, which has been around for more than 140 years. There are many models from Simmons and BeautyRest is their flagship line. Unlike the other two above, BeautyRest is mainly focused on innersprings, but there are also memory foam mattresses in this line. There are also hybrid models in BeautyRest and most of the models have been praised for their motion isolation capabilities. Even though there are innerspring mattresses, they are quite excellent in reducing motion transfer. Additionally, they promote less pain for users, particularly during the first three years of mattress ownership. Warranty is quite attractive as well.

Simmons BeautyRest Highlights

With the several BeautyRest models, it is easy to get confused about which mattress to buy. Additionally, some stores use varied names from another store, which adds to the confusion even more. It therefore helps that you perform your research first regarding the mattresses, particularly with their features. Talking to a salesperson will also help, but researching to gain information about this mattress line will be even more helpful.

According to reviews though, TruEnergy and Black are the lines with the most number of positive reviews from the owners. About 70% of them are satisfied with these lines. Next is the Recharge World Class, while the lowest is Recharge, which is below the industry standard. When it comes to motion isolation, all the Simmons BeautyRest lines do a really good job. While they are made of springs, they use pocket coils instead of the open ones, which allow the mattresses to stop the feel of movements on the other side of the bed.

The only problem is that BeautyRest doesn’t excel when it comes to durability. A lot of owners complain about sagging and impressions, as well as pain in just after three years of owning the mattress. This is truly disappointing, especially if you want a mattress that will last long enough to support you and your partner’s weight. Other mattresses in this line also have an issue with heat retention and odor.

Simmons BeautyRest has several models to choose from, so whether you’re on a budget or you have some money to spend, you can find a mattress that would appeal to you from this collection. There are also varying firmness levels, so you don’t have to stick to just plush or firm.

4. Serta Perfect Sleeper

If you don’t want to shop online, Serta mattresses may be a good option for you. They are widely available in stores, which is really helpful as you shop around. There are also different firmness options and some models are quite affordable. As for Serta Perfect Sleeper, you can find memory foam, innerspring, or hybrids in this collection. The mattress models aim to address various sleep problems, including issues with restless partners.

Serta has worked with the National Sleep Foundation to help people sleep better. This is why this mattress is a strong contender for couples who have a hard time sleeping when the other is tossing and turning.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Highlights

There are many choices available for the Perfect Sleeper collection. Here is an overview of what each mattress type has to offer:

Innerspring If you’re used to a spring mattress, Perfect Sleeper from Serta has a few innerspring models to choose from. They differ in the number of coils as well as features and of course, prices. The innerspring mattresses uses a support system comprised of steel coils that will make you feel as if you’re sleeping in a traditional mattress, but has advanced improvements.
Memory Foam The Perfect Sleeper mattresses with memory foam are infused with gel. The purpose of using gels is to keep the mattress cool enough when the temperature gets too high. The mattresses also have an all-foam core for support and can conform well to the body shape.
Hybrid The mattresses combine the benefits of innerspring and all-foam mattresses. The springs are individually wrapped and have an adequate layer of foam to conform to the body, while also minimizing motion transfers.

Perfect Sleeper can be firm, but can also be plush. If you want something in between, there are also mattresses that are of medium feel. The mattresses are generally affordable, but there are some that are also quite expensive. Price isn’t really an issue with the Serta line, but there are many complaints about the mattresses being unexpectedly saggy in just a few years of regular use. And despite partnering with NSF, not all the Perfect Sleeper mattresses help people achieve quality sleep. In fact, back support isn’t remarkable and there are several people expressing their disappointment in pain relief.

The mattresses though are said to stay cool. There have been some issues regarding gel-infused foams with their tendency to become too firm when the temperature is high and they become slightly softer than their original comfort level when the temperature is low. This can cause a problem for some people who want a consistent mattress in terms of firmness. Still, there are not a lot of complaints regarding how the foams (and even the innerspring and hybrid mattresses) pull away heat from the sleeper. If you are among those who sleep hot, you may want to consider the Perfect Sleeper mattresses from Serta.

The mattress’ warranty is quite short with only 10 years to offer. Perfect Sleeper mattresses do a good job of stopping motion transfers and may be the right choice for you, especially if you want a lot of options before you buy.

5. Helix

Unlike the other mattresses above, Helix is quite unique. The brand offers customizable mattresses, meaning the buyer can design the mattress based on his or her preferences and requirements. The mattresses are 100% customizable in terms of firmness on both sides of the mattress, size, support needs, and based on your sleep style.

To provide details about the mattress you would like to order, you will have to answer a very simple online quiz that asks you about your preferred mattress size, the number of people that will use the bed, your name(s), age(s), height and weight numbers, and the type of bed you want among other questions. After completing the quiz, the mattress will be made based on how you want the mattress to contour to your body, the support you need, the firmness, and whether or not you sleep hot at night.

If you’re looking for a personalized mattress, Helix may be exactly what you’re looking for. The beds aren’t too expensive either, but the price does go up for the added features and benefits. Helix mattresses are great for couples because they can be customized for each side. For instance, your partner prefers a soft mattress, while you prefer a firmer one, no one has to compromise. You can both meet your requirements when it comes to firmness.

Although Helix mattresses are customized, they all carry a trait in terms of the layers. How the layers will be arranged, their density, and their firmness will all depend on you. You can have an all-foam mattress, latex, or a hybrid mattress. You can also have an innerspring mattress depending on your preferences. All in all, Helix offers great choices for couples. When it comes to motion isolation, this isn’t a problem as well as many owners commend how the mattresses do a great job at reducing motion transfers.

More Shopping Tips

All the mattresses above use good quality materials. They are known to be efficient at stopping motion from being transmitted to the other side of the mattress. If you’re going to choose a memory foam mattress, it is important that the memory foam is of good quality. While most memory foam fare excellently in motion isolation, there can be a problem with heat retention. You can avoid this issue by choosing a memory foam mattress that’s breathable and with improved cooling capabilities.

Good support on the edges and overall are also essential in choosing a mattress. Couples may be using the edges more for bedroom activities. If you’re also used to sleeping or sitting on the sides, reliable edge support is definitely a must. Aside from that, both of you should be comfortable. It is much easier to shop for yourself than when you have a partner because of varying preferences, so make sure comfort is a top priority.

Whether you’re the restless sleeper or your partner is, the five mattresses above are definitely good options. Consider them as you shop for a mattress and choose which one best suits you and your partner, not only based on motion isolation, but also in comfort and even your budget.