Top Mattresses for Every Price Point

The process of buying a new mattress can be very frustrating. There are so many choices around and it is difficult to make a decision right away. This is why several buyers take a long time in determining the best mattress that fits their needs. It is indeed a major decision and is one of the most important purchases in our lifetime. If you’re getting enough sleep, you could be spending a third of your entire life in bed. This is why you should give mattress buying time, effort, and even money.

Since it is an important purchase, you should make sure you have invested in the right mattress for your needs – one that will give you the comfort and support you require. According to research, the average American spends about 49 minutes in their car daily, but they are more than willing to spend thousands of dollars for the purchase and the maintenance of their car annually.

Compared to a vehicle, a mattress is only about 1/6th of the price of a car’s upkeep costs. Since you will be spending at least six and a half hours at night or equivalent to 2,372.5 hours per year, we should invest money where we spend our time. Making a one-time decision in buying a high-quality mattress will definitely impact your life, whether you are asleep or you are awake.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a mattress that is expensive. There are times when we would just settle for an extremely affordable, temporary mattress, such as for our fast-growing child. Or perhaps you’ve been sleeping on an old spring mattress and the coils have been poking you or simply your old mattress is no longer comfortable. You don’t have to buy a top shelf mattress because there are options that can help you sleep better no matter how much your budget is.

Mattress Prices

When it comes to mattress prices, it all depends on a variety of factors, including the type of mattress and the mattress brand. The most affordable is a futon mattress, which can start at $90 for twin size and just $500 for king size. But not everyone wants a futon mattress, especially if you’re looking for one that can help reduce back pain. Your top choices for such requirement are memory foam, hybrid, air, and latex. Spring mattresses are somewhat affordable, but they are not recommended for people with back pain and other special needs as well.

Comparing the mattress choices and their prices, here they are along with their average costs:

Type of Mattress

Average Price

Memory Foam









Springs normally cost $930 on average, but their technology hasn’t evolved for the last 10 years or so. If you want to make the most out of your money, you may want to avoid this type of mattress. However, if you’re used to innerspring and you’re not convinced about other mattress types, it is advised that you try a memory foam hybrid mattress. They combine the feel and advantages of both spring and memory foam, while minimizing the weaknesses of the two.

Looking Beyond the Price of the Mattress

Most of us look at the price of the mattress when buying one. Of course, this isn’t wrong, but you have to first take into consideration your needs before looking at the cost that comes with the mattress. There are several choices available and as you determine and define your needs, there is a chance that you can find less expensive options of the mattress you want.

Price vs. Your Requirements

If you have injuries or lower back pain, you want to make certain that the mattress you buy provides you with the support and comfort you need. Unfortunately, the low end options may not give you these benefits and may in fact make your condition much worse. If you have special needs, you should talk to a medical professional first, particularly if you have injuries. He or she can help you uncover what kind of mattress you need to alleviate the aches and pains you feel.

Best Low Priced Mattresses

When you need a new mattress, but you’re not ready to shell out huge amounts of money, particularly thousands, you would think your options are limited. This is especially true if you have specific requirements. You don’t have to settle for super cheap mattresses that won’t meet your needs. The following are great options for your limited budget, while allowing you to upgrade your bed, so you can sleep peacefully and comfortably at night:

1. Amerisleep Liberty


Mattress Type Memory foam mattress
Number of Layers Three layers
Mattress height 12 inches
Firmness Medium to medium firm
Special feature/s Celliant technology
Price Starts at $799
Shipping One to two days processing, one to five days shipping
Trial period 100 days
Warranty 20 years
Good for People who prefer a soft sleep surface

Amerisleep is a company that is known for providing mattresses that are not only comfortable and made of high quality materials, but are also very affordable. With their mattress lines, they offer non-toxic bedroom items that are ideal even for those who have allergies. For the Liberty mattress, it is a medium soft mattress. Many people are hesitant in buying a soft mattress mainly because they think it may have an issue with its support. But Amerisleep Liberty delivers in this particular aspect. The eco-friendly mattress is not just plush, but it is also very supportive – that is, it provides ample amount of support especially in the heavy parts of the body.

Just like with the other Amerisleep mattresses, Liberty consistently receives good ratings from satisfied customers. If you’re looking for an affordable mattress with great features and a softer sleeping surface, Liberty from Amerisleep may just be what you’re looking for. What’s even better is that this mattress is suitable no matter what your sleep style is – whether you prefer to sleep on your stomach, side, or back.

Why Amerisleep Liberty is a Smart Choice for Buyers on a Budget

If you’re new to memory foam, this mattress is a great introduction for newbies like you. It is comprised of layers of foam and has a unique fabric cover. Here are the qualities you can expect with the Amerisleep Liberty:

Foam Construction Liberty has a large open cell structure, just like the other Amerisleep mattress models. This structure helps keep the sleep surface cooler, while dissipating heat. An open cell structure is a design that allows air to circulate about 10x faster than standard foams in other mattresses.
Foam Layers 1.       The topmost layer is a 3-inch Bio-Pur foam, a type of proprietary foam that is not only responsive, but also helps relieve pressure points.

2.       The second layer is comprised of two inches of Affinity foam. The main job of this layer is to provide more responsiveness and soft feel, while improving the durability of the mattress and providing the benefits of memory foam.

3.       Finally, the base layer is Bio-Core foam, which is very sturdy foam that provides even more support and pressure relief. It keeps the spine in its natural alignment and is also breathable, so you don’t feel hot while you’re sleeping. Because it is plant-based, it is environment-friendly.

Other Foam Facts Liberty uses memory foam with a density of four pounds. It is therefore an HD type of foam, so you can expect it to last longer and with a higher quality than ordinary foams. It is also more comfortable and will not lose support easily unlike foams with 3.5 pounds of density or less.

The Liberty mattress is quite responsive, so it easily conforms to the shape of the body, but it quickly returns to its original shape, so you can move or change positions easily.

Firmness Depending on the weight and the position of the sleeper, the mattress may vary in terms of sinkage. However, tests show how the mattress sinks far enough, particularly in the hip and shoulder areas, so that the sleeper’s spine is in natural alignment.
Responsiveness The mattress is indeed responsive and is estimated to return to its real shape in just six to eight seconds. Other memory foams, including the very expensive ones return to their original shapes in a matter of 45 to 60 seconds – much lower than the affordable Liberty mattress. A responsive mattress is important, particularly in memory foam mattresses because it helps avoid that stuck feeling, particularly in changing positions as well as in getting out of the bed.
Cover Aside from the foams, the cover of the Liberty mattress is also quite remarkable. It uses Celliant fabric, which also improves its responsiveness and can also help improve health. It has many benefits, including a deeper sleep. Celliant can covert body heat into infrared light, which can increase the circulation of blood and even improve lung and heart health. All these benefits are present, while keeping the sleeper cool.
Eco-Friendliness Liberty has green materials and even has an eco-conscious way of manufacturing the mattress. The foams used are plant-based, with 40% of the mattress made of castor, soy, and other renewable materials.

The fire barriers used in this mattress are non-toxic with GREENGUARD certification. This verifies that the mattress is fire safe and at the same time, it doesn’t impact the quality of air.

Amerisleep practices an eco-friendly manufacturing process for their mattress known as Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) where memory foams are produced in a closed chamber to stop contaminants from invading the foam. The process also ensures that there are no harsh chemicals used in the mattress.

With the qualities above, it is without question that the Amerisleep Liberty mattress is one of the best high-quality mattresses around that will not break the bank.

2. Saatva


Mattress Type Innerspring and memory foam hybrid
Number of Layers Four layers
Mattress height 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches
Firmness Plush soft, luxury firm, and firm
Special feature/s 100% organic cotton
Price $999 for Queen
Shipping Shipping cost: $99 and takes seven to 15 days
Trial period 120 days
Warranty 15 years
Good for People who love the combination of memory foam and innerspring

For those who are used to innerspring, Saatva is a good mattress to look into. Saatva is one of the new factory direct mattress startups, but unlike most of them, this company doesn’t offer 100% foam mattresses. Saatva is a hybrid mattress that combines the goodness of coil and memory foam mattresses.

Most people are used to spring beds and if you’re one of them, you will most likely be right at home with the mattresses from Saatva. Their beds come with a smart construction with that old-fashioned spring feel. The mattresses are ultra-premium, but you won’t feel that because unlike most of the competition, Saatva mattresses are available at very affordable prices.

Why Saatva Mattresses are Recommended for People on a Budget

Although a lot of people are used to spring mattresses, there are still some who may not be convinced that this is the right one for them. If you’re interested in a Saatva mattress, here are the things you can expect:

Mattress Construction Saatva uses coil on coil construction, which is very much different from the other factory direct mattress companies today.
Mattress Layers 1.       The first layer consists of the cover and a euro-style pillow top. What’s unique about this layer is that it is made of organic cotton. Expect it to be breathable, while providing that soft cottony feel. The euro-style pillow top adds more comfort and softness to the mattress.

2.       As for the second layer, it consists of a very thin layer of memory foam, which is only one inch thick. What this layer does is it aims to provide extra support for the back, especially the lower back.

3.       The third layer has coils that are individually wrapped in foam. This layer is designed to contour to the body of the sleeper, while minimizing motion transfer. Every coil in this layer takes on the shape of the body, which makes this mattress truly unique.

4.       The fourth layer is the support base of the mattress and is comprised of a layer of 416 coils (for queen size). It provides support for the mattress and keeps everything in place.

More Support Unlike other spring beds, Saatva offers sturdy support, particularly in the edges of the mattress. There is actually a layer of foam that covers the coil layers, which helps protect the coils of the mattress. Because of the strong edge support, the mattress is reliable whether you sit or sleep on the edge of the bed.
Firmness There are three levels of firmness for the Saatva mattress:

1.       Plush Soft which is a very soft mattress

2.       Luxury Firm which is not too firm and not too soft

3.       Firm which is their firmest option

Other Features The majority of sleepers prefer a medium firm mattress and Saatva can offer that through their Luxury Firm mattress. Other mattresses won’t really give you the freedom to choose the firmness level for the product.

Saatva mattresses are also praised for their cooling effect, thanks to the breathable materials used. The natural materials that are in the mattress, such as cotton and thistle, are healthier options than what the other traditional mattresses use.

For those looking to buy a mattress online, Saatva mattresses can be bought without going to a showroom or a store.

3. Loom & Leaf


Mattress Type Memory foam mattress
Number of Layers Four layers
Mattress height 12 inches
Firmness Relaxed (medium) and firm
Special feature/s HD foam with quilted organic cotton cover
Price $1,099 for Queen
Shipping Shipping cost: $85 to $99 and takes seven to 15 days
Trial period 120 days
Warranty 15 years
Good for People who are looking for a memory foam mattress that’s natural and with great cooling capabilities

Loom & Leaf is actually a mattress manufactured by Saatva. Although it is relatively new as it only launched in 2015, there are already many owners who expressed their satisfaction with the mattress from the company. The mattresses are comparable to luxury products that are designed with high density foam, in which most of them would cost you at least $3,000.

Why You Should Consider Looking into a Loom & Leaf Mattress if You’re on a Tight Budget

Mattress Construction Loom & Leaf mattress, no matter which firmness level you choose, has four layers and comes with a gel infused foam. It is thick with 12 inches of profile and is made with durability and support in mind.
Mattress Layers 1.       The first layer is two inch gel foam that conforms to the shape of the body. It is infused with a construction technique that Loom & Leaf calls the “gel swirl.” This layer is designed for cooling and comfort and has a density of four pounds per cubic foot (PCF).

2.       For the second layer, there is 2.5 inch viscoelastic memory foam that complements with the first layer to provide contouring, comfort, and support. Density of the foam is 5 PCF.

3.       The third layer is comprised of a two inch transition loft pad that acts to work with the upper layers and the support layer below it.

4.       Finally, the fourth layer is made of 5.5 inch HD foam that helps keep the mattress durable.

Organic Cover The cover of the Loom & Leaf mattress is made from organic cotton, making it soft and breathable. This helps improve the airflow within the mattress. Aside from organic cotton, it also uses natural thistle, which is what the mattress uses as its fire retardant.
Firmness There are two levels of firmness for the Loom & Leaf mattress with the first one as the medium feel mattress. The other one is quite firm. These two options allow you to choose which firmness is the best for you.
Other Features The Loom & Leaf mattresses have a cooling gel pad found at the top layer of the foam. Just like Amerisleep, they are among the few that use plant-based memory foam. Upon initial contact, you will feel the softness of the mattress, thanks to the quilted cover.

The natural materials of the foam are quite attractive to those who want a healthy option. For such an affordable price, you will find this high quality mattress great for your budget.

Best High Priced Mattresses

If you’re not on a tight budget, you surely want to buy the mattress that will meet your requirements. There are plenty of options around, but here are two of the most recommended mattresses for those who are not worried about how much they would spend:

1. Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze


Mattress Type Memory foam
Number of Layers Four layers
Mattress height 11.5 inches
Firmness Medium
Special feature/s Pronounced hug with moisture-wicking cover
Price Starts at $2,699
Shipping Free shipping, takes one to two days for processing, and one to five days for shipping
Trial period 30 nights without refunds
Warranty 10 years
Good for People who want a memory foam mattress from a luxury brand

If money isn’t a problem for you, there are indeed lots of options out there. But when it comes to mattresses, you will probably want one that has been established for decades. Tempurpedic is a brand that is well-known in the mattress industry, particularly in memory foam. In fact, the company has been synonymous to the mattress type for several years. Although other players have emerged, Tempurpedic remains as one of the most recognizable names in memory foam mattresses.

Why You May Want to Consider Owning a Tempurpedic

Those who aren’t worried about the price of the mattress usually turn to Tempurpedic. There are many Tempurpedic models available, but the Cloud Supreme Breeze is one of its best-selling mattresses around. Here are the qualities of this Tempurpedic mattress:

Mattress Construction The 11.5 inch mattress as four different layers of memory foam.
Mattress Layers 1.       The topmost layer is two inch viscoelastic memory foam that works to give a soft feeling the moment the sleeper lies down on the bed. This is where the contouring and the hugging happen.

2.       The second layer measures two inches and is also viscoelastic. It is the same as the top layer with the exception that it is a little firmer to provide better support for the body of the sleeper.

3.       The third layer is comprised of four inch polyurethane foam that serves as the transitional layer for the other layers in the mattress.

4.       Finally, the fourth layer is 3.5 inch polyurethane foam that provides deep compression support. It also keeps the mattress in shape and gives it more durability.

Cover The cover of the mattress is a combination of spandex and polyester. It is stretchy, breathable, and soft. It is noticeably thinner than many mattress covers, but it is sturdy enough to withstand a lot of tugging.
Firmness The mattress is quite soft, but most people label it as medium. Don’t be confused with just Cloud Supreme, which is firmer than Cloud Supreme Breeze.
Other Features Because the mattress is quite soft, you can expect that it will hug you and conform to your body shape easily. It is great for people who are used to memory foam because the contouring may be uncomfortable for newbies in foam mattresses. Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze also doesn’t have a quick response rate, especially compared to Amerisleep mattresses. It usually takes 40 seconds or more for the Tempurpedic mattress to return to its normal shape, causing some sleepers to complain about the feeling of getting stuck.

Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze is for those with no qualms about spending money on a new mattress – specifically a memory foam mattress. Unfortunately, Tempurpedic doesn’t disclose much information about their mattresses, including the materials used in their products.

2. Astrabeds HarmonyBed

Mattress Type Latex
Number of Layers Three layers
Mattress height 10 inches
Firmness Soft, medium, and firm
Special feature/s Adjustable mattress using 100% organic latex
Price Starts at $1,649
Shipping Free shipping
Trial period 90 nights
Warranty 25 years
Good for People looking for a natural latex mattress that is customizable based on their needs and likes

The HarmonyBed from Astrabeds has received tons of great reviews from its owners. It is a certified natural latex mattress that is bouncy, durable, and is customizable. Buyers can arrange the three-layered mattress based on what they think will best suit their needs, particularly when it comes to comfort. It’s great for couples, not only because it has the bounciness of latex, but it gives freedom for both sides to choose whatever meets their comfort requirements.

Why Astrabeds HarmonyBed May Be the Right Choice for You

There are many qualities of the HarmonyBed that could make it your new mattress:

Mattress Construction HarmonyBed is quite unique when it comes to construction, since the buyer will specify how it will be designed based on his or her comfort needs.
Mattress Layers 1.       The first layer is the cover made from 100% organic cotton. It is soft and comfortable, while allowing air to breathe with its knitted design so that you sleep cool all night.

2.       The next layer is a thin fire barrier made from organic wool. It will keep the sleeper protected while ensuring that moisture stays away from the body of the sleeper.

3.       Third is a three-inch layer made from 100% organic latex. It is a soft material, so it contours to the body of the sleeper.

4.       The next layer is another three-inch organic latex that gives the sleeper both the support and comfort needed by the body. It is a medium feel layer, so it contours to the sleeper, while support the proper alignment of the body.

5.       Finally, the last layer has a three-inch latex layer that supports the mattress while offering comfort for the sleeper as well. It provides pressure relief without making you feel that it’s too firm.

Foundation The mattress comes with a steel base foundation to keep the mattress together, so that it will not sink or provide inadequate support.
Firmness The mattress comes in three different levels of comfort: soft, medium, and firm. The soft mattress is recommended for those who sleep on their side or back, the medium for side and stomach sleepers, and the firm mattress for back sleepers. You can choose the firmness level of your mattress since it is highly customizable.
Other Features The mattress received many certifications for its organic materials, including from the Global Organic Textile Standard and the Oregon Tilth Certified Organic- both for the wool fire retardant. The Global Organic Latex Standard certifies that the mattress uses organic latex. Eco Institut Certification assures that the mattress has been tested for its VOC levels and has been tested to have organic latex.

If you don’t have worries about your budget and you want to sleep in a safe and healthy mattress, the HarmonyBed may be right for your requirements.  There is a 90-night trial if you’re not happy with how the mattress feels, so you can exchange it for the right comfort level.

Best Luxury Mattress

There are quite a few luxury beds that target people who are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a new mattress. Duxiana is one of them in which the mattresses come with a price range of $5,000 to $12,750 depending on the specifications. Here is what to expect from the Dux 8888 from Duxiana, which is one of the most expensive mattress from the company that can cost about $6,500:

Mattress Construction The mattress allows for changing the top layer, which makes it a unique product that is 17.5 inches tall (height includes the foundation).
Mattress Layers 1.       Enclosed in a latex foam pad. It measures 2.5 inches and works to provide comfort for the sleeper.

2.       Since the top layer can be removed, you can see the second layer, which is made of three separate pads: the head, torso, and foot which are all interchangeable units made with coils or springs. You can tailor this part of the mattress based on your requirements.

3.       Below the removable sections, you will find the spring core that acts as the support layer for the mattress.

4.       Finally, there is another set of springs in the box spring that has a Swedish design.

Special Features The mattress comes with more or less 3,300 springs and has an independent lumbar support system on the sides of the mattress. You will have to insert the crank handle to the foot of the box spring to get the support.

The mattress comes with a 20 year restricted warranty and is ultra-plush when it comes to its firmness level. It, however, is limited in availability and with an unattractive price tag for many people.

Special Mention: Amerisleep Colonial

Aside from the mentioned mattresses, there is one more worth considering. Since Amerisleep is known for its affordability, here comes the Colonial mattress from the company. The Amerisleep Colonial is their most expensive model, but compared to other mattresses in the market, it is still quite affordable especially with respect to its materials, construction, and quality.

Here are the most notable features of this mattress:

Mattress Construction Amerisleep Colonial stands 13 inches and has three layers of memory foam.
Mattress Layers 1.       The first layer is two inches of memory foam that Amerisleep calls Bio-Pur+. It is an improvement of the Bio-Pur technology found in other models. Bio-Pur+ has a density of four pounds and is highly responsive, very soft, and can provide great pressure relief.

2.       The second layer is thick Surface Modification Technology (SMT) foam that measures four inches in height and has a density of 1.65 pounds. Although thick, it is breathable as it offers great support to relieve pressure points effectively.

3.       Finally, the bottom layer is made of a seven inch foundational support layer. It is sturdy and breathable as well.

Cover Just like with the Amerisleep model above, Colonial also uses Celliant technology to help the mattress and the sleeper remain cool all night long.
Firmness The mattress is quite soft, but expect it to provide ample support. You won’t sink in so far into the mattress while it remains responsive whenever you move.

Just like with other Amerisleep mattresses, Colonial uses plant-based memory foam. Hopefully this guide helped as you shop for a new mattress, especially if you’re among those who consider their budgets first before buying.