Best Mattresses by Type

We all need a mattress to sleep on, but not just any mattress. It should be a good mattress that’s right for our needs and preferences. It cannot be stressed enough how sleep is really important to our well-being and a mattress plays a huge role when it comes to our sleep quality. Mattresses are designed give us the support and comfort our body needs, so that we can relax and sleep well. If your mattress has been around for years and you feel as if it is contributing to your insomnia, it may be time for you to go shopping for a mattress.

You probably haven’t heard anyone say that mattress shopping is easy – and that’s because it really isn’t. There are a lot of factors to consider and there are also numerous choices to go over. It is virtually impossible to check all your options, but it does help if you know about the mattress types and start the selection from there.

Understanding Different Mattress Types

The process of choosing your new mattress is quite subjective, meaning it all depends on you. From your preferences to the mattress size to your budget, the choice is all yours. Of course, it helps if you have done your research, particularly when it comes to the type of mattress to go for.

Each type of mattress has its own pros and cons. You can compare them and determine which one really meets your needs. So what are the mattress types? Here they are:

Mattress Type

Description Pros


Spring or Innerspring A mattress known as innerspring or spring uses steel coils as its support system. There are a variety of spring type systems, such as: individually wrapped pocketed coils and those with springs that are connected to one unit. There are also differences in coil numbers, coil gauge, designs, and spring shapes – and knowing these pieces of information can help you make an informed choice. While some may disagree about coil numbers, it is believed that the higher the coil count, the better the mattress. Coil count is said to provide more support and increase distribution for the bed. This results to better support and contour for the sleeper. Innerspring mattresses are easy to find – whether in-store or online.

They provide good comfort and support, particularly when they are still new.

There are various firmness options.

Many innersprings are very affordable.

Consumers are often familiar with the innerspring mattress.

This mattress type is considered great for couple activities.

Innersprings have been around for a long time, which is why many people prefer how they feel over the other types.

Many owners of spring mattresses are happy with sleeping cool at night.

Many owners are unhappy with the mattress especially after a few years.

The mattresses have questionable durability.

Innerspring doesn’t really conform to the body of the sleeper.

Although couple-friendly, the mattress is not good at isolating motion.

The mattresses can be quite noisy, especially as you move around.

The construction of the mattress makes it quite heavy and difficult to move.

Because the mattresses are heavy, cleaning seems to be uncomfortable or even flip them.

For people who live in a humid area, coil materials can be a problem as they can easily deteriorate. They also absorb bad odors as they lose their strength.

Innerspring is also a place for dust mites due to the mattress’ structure. The underlying layers are usually made of fiber and wool, which increases the probability of allergens invading the mattress.

Waterbed The support system of waterbeds is a water chamber. There are two types of this mattress. One is a hard sided waterbed that has a water chamber within a foam frame that’s in a fabric casing. Meanwhile, the soft sided waterbed has the water chamber covered by upholstery or padding with fiber and different foams. These two types of waterbeds typically stay on a platform and look like conventional beds. Water chambers can either be free flowing or waveless. Waterbeds are great for regulating temperature.

If you want a mattress that contours to the body, waterbeds can follow the shape of the body to let you feel some hug and sinkage.

Waterbeds are also durable with some maintenance.

It is possible to find waterbeds that are inexpensive.

Many waterbeds are free from dust mites.

Waterbeds can help people relax, making them fall asleep more comfortably.

Waterbeds can have a short lifespan, especially with sharp objects nearby.

If you’re planning to move the mattress, expect it to be very heavy, therefore making your job difficult.

Setting up the mattress can be hard if you’re doing it on your own.

This mattress type is of high maintenance.

New waterbeds tend to smell.

Moving around the mattress can cause it to be quite noisy.

There are many problems surrounding waterbeds, particularly with support. Some people complain about back pain and numbness in the shoulders or neck after waking up.

Airbed As for airbeds, the air chamber is used as the support system. Airbeds aren’t the same as the ones used for camping; they are covered by upholstery or padding. You can also adjust their firmness and there are many airbeds that allow each side of the bed to be adjusted. This way, they can meet the individual preferences for the bed. Airbeds can be adjusted based on support and firmness.

Airbeds are good for relieving pain.

Longevity is also quite pleasing for the owners as most airbeds are durable.

Airbeds are difficult to set up, making them a not so good choice for those who need to set up the bed on their own.

Airbeds can be quite noisy as well.

Malfunction and breakdown of the mattress are two common complaints of some users.

Airbeds are quite expensive, especially over time.

Memory Foam This is probably the most popular type of mattress today, but still causes confusion to many mattress shoppers. Memory foam isn’t the same as foam mattress, although it is a type of foam. Memory foam mattress is actually viscoelastic foam mattress, which has high density polyurethane foam for the mattress’ support system. Polyurethane may also be found in the upholstery layer. Memory foam has many traits that allow it to contour very closely to the body shape of the sleeper. Memory foam mattresses are widely available, so you can shop for them online or offline.

When it comes to conforming, memory foam is above average compared to the other types of mattress. This helps in relieving pain and body weight distribution.

Memory foam may be expensive, but there are now many models that are very affordable.

One of the best traits of memory foam mattresses is their ability to isolate motion effectively.

You don’t have to worry about noise with memory foam mattresses.

It is possible that the new memory foam mattress will give off unpleasant odors.

There are a number of complaints about this type of mattress being heat retentive.

A good memory foam mattress has high density foam, but this results to difficulty in moving the mattress.

Although this mattress type is good for those with a partner who moves around a lot, memory foam isn’t recommended for couple activities.

Latex Latex mattresses can either have natural or synthetic foam. Clearly, natural latex comes from the rubber tree sap, while synthetic is from petroleum and other chemicals. Latex mattresses have been around since the mid-1900s, but they have just begun increasing in popularity for the last few years. This is because they are quite expensive and it’s only recently when the materials used as well as the manufacturing process has become more practical. Pain reduction as well as pain prevention can be achieved with the right latex mattress.

Latex is quite a resilient material, which enables support for the sleeper and therefore preventing pressure sores.

Latex mattresses are considered the most durable mattress type and can outlast other types for at least two years.

For people with sensitive sense of smell, latex has low number of complaints when it comes to off-gassing. This trait is shared by natural latex mattresses though, not the synthetic ones.

Motion isolation is also quite favorable with this type of mattress.

Latex mattresses are considered healthy and safe, so you can sleep on them worry-free. Again, this is only applicable to natural latex.

Latex mattresses don’t need to be rotated or flipped unlike other mattress types, especially spring mattresses.

One of the most common complaints reported about latex mattresses is their tendency to be very firm. Even those that are considered soft and medium have some issues with comfort.

Those who have chosen a soft latex mattress usually criticize how the mattress feels, particularly during the first few weeks of use. Buyers need to know more about the Impression Load Deflection (ILD) of the material before they pay for the mattress. Low ILD means it is softer than those with high ILDs.

Although the mattress is durable, there are some consumer reports that talk about compression issues, particularly for a mattress shared by two people. This is because they will most likely sleep on the same spot each night.

Latex can sometimes be heat retentive, particularly mattresses that use closed-cell foams.

The biggest issue about latex mattresses is their price. This is one of the reasons why consumers tend to ignore latex and choose other types of mattresses because they need to shell out several thousands of dollars to get a good latex mattress, particularly those who look into local showrooms.

Latex mattresses are very heavy, too so moving them around is such a challenge.

There’s another type of mattress known as a hybrid mattress. As the name suggests, it is a combination of two different types of mattress. The main purpose of creating this kind of mattress is to reinforce the advantages of both types, while trying to eliminate the disadvantages. Hybrid mattresses are a great choice, especially for those who want contouring and support at the same time. A lot of hybrids also come with varying firmness options, so you can choose whether your new mattress is plush, medium, or firm.

Hybrids are actually memory foam in combination with another type, mostly innerspring (great for people who are used to the feel of traditional bed) and latex (for those who want a latex mattress with better motion isolation and pressure relief). Hybrid mattresses are indeed attractive and may not have a lot of disadvantages, but they are of course not perfect. It is possible that they have poor airflow, causing you to be sweaty while you sleep. They are also pricey and can have short lifespans, which denote they may not be good for their price. They are also quite heavy, which make them less ideal for those who want to move their mattress to another room.

In Depth Look at the Best Mattresses by Type

It is true that we all have varying preferences when it comes to the type of mattress to go for. While you still haven’t decided yet, it does help to know which mattress is the best by type. To help you with this, use the guide below to make a smart choice accordingly:

For Memory Foam: Amerisleep Revere

The Revere mattress is Amerisleep’s most popular mattress. It offers great support, so that the body will remain aligned based on its natural position. It also relieves pressure points, which helps eliminate lower back pain, so you wake up feeling fully rested.

Why is the Amerisleep Revere the Number One Memory Foam Mattress?

There are many attractive reasons why Amerisleep Revere is the leading memory foam mattress. Whether or not you are transitioning to memory foam from another type of mattress or you have been using this mattress type for some years, you will definitely love the following traits of the Revere:

1. It is a great looking mattress.

Who wants an unappealing mattress? Studies have shown that the appearance of your mattress can be inviting for sleep, thus increasing the amount of time you rest. Aesthetically, the mattress is quite nice-looking. It does look like most other mattresses, except for the side panels, which are dark brown in color. They provide a level of contrast that adds to the appeal and sharpened appearance of the mattress, along with the wavy design. Additionally, it fits snugly from the head to the bottom part of the mattress, making it look sleek and modern.

2. There’s more to the cover.

The mattress cover is made from a combination of three different materials:

– 77% polyester

– 21% Celliant

– 2% spandex

You know about spandex and polyester, but what’s Celliant? It is a fiber that has minerals that help it promote recovery. It does so by converting body heat into infrared energy, which has been clinically proven to improve blood flow throughout the body. This results to more oxygen in the body, which has many benefits, including pain reduction, temperature regulation, and a restful sleep.

3. You will sleep faster compared to other mattresses.

The Celliant-infused cover doesn’t just help in reducing pain and the other benefits mentioned above, but it also helps you fall asleep faster. According to Amerisleep, research has shown that people who sleep on Celliant material fall asleep 15 minutes faster on average than those who slept on fibers without it.

4. It intends to meet the needs of most sleepers.

Some people want their mattress soft, others firm, but more individuals prefer medium feel. Such firmness option allows the mattress to cater to the majority of the sleepers. Medium feel means that the mattress isn’t too soft and isn’t too firm. It is mainly for those who sleep on their back, a sleep style that many people prefer. It is also recommended for those who sleep on their stomach.

5. It relieves pressure points.

True to being a memory foam mattress, the Revere is effective at taking care of pressure points without making you feel that you are enveloped by the bed. This is for people who want a supportive mattress and pressure relief. It is typical for medium feel mattresses with threadlike covers to be weak in this area.

6. The mattress has a quick response time.

Just like other memory foam mattresses, Revere is excellent when it comes to contouring to the shape of the body. It is quite unique though when it comes to the response time. Although it isn’t as instant as latex or other types, it is definitely faster than other memory foams – even those that are considered high-end.

7. It is a breathable mattress.

If you tend to sleep hot, the Revere does a good job at regulating temperature. One of the worries about memory foam is that they become hot, especially during warmer months. But this Amerisleep mattress is constructed with great airflow in mind. It is not only comfortable, but it also absorbs heat and lets it move throughout the mattress, away from the sleeper.

Amerisleep Revere has a 100-night trial and you can return it without problems if you’re unhappy with it. It is also backed with a 20-year warranty and is very affordable, starting at only $899.

For Innerspring: Simmons BeautyRest Black Elizabeth

BeautyRest Black Elizabeth is from the established mattress company, Simmons. There are a number of BeautyRest Black models, including Elizabeth and Mariela. The huge problem with these models is that they have different names when you go from one retailer to another. Nevertheless, they share some of the same traits below, which make BeautyRest Black an outstanding innerspring mattress:

1. BeautyRest Black Elizabeth is comprised of coils and foam.

The mattress stands 15.5 inches with multiple layers, including a comfort layer that has springs and foams. For the sleeper’s comfort, there are four various layers here:

1 inch of AirCool memory foam

1 inch of AirCool memory foam with Micro Diamonds

0.5 inch of memory foam

Another part of the comfort layer is a 1.5 inch of individually wrapped contour coils. All these layers work together to provide comfort, pressure relief, and contour. Meanwhile, the foundational layer of the mattress uses a pocketed coil system with 0.5 inches of foam for motion isolation. The coil count in this layer is 850 for queen size.

2. There are several firmness options.

You can choose whether you want a plush, medium, or firm mattress. For the Elizabeth mattress, this is a luxury firm mattress, which is on the firm side, but still soft enough. One can say it is a medium feel mattress.

3. The mattress is bouncy and responsive.

BeautyRest Black can help with pressure relief, while providing a high level of bounce. It is also responsive, unlike many mattresses that use memory foam.

4. It can reduce motion transfers.

Although the mattress is quite bouncy, it still manages to prevent movement from being transferred to the other side of the bed. This allows couples to have a deep sleep even though their partner keeps tossing and turning at night.

5. It has very high quality coils.

Although 850 coils are a little low compared to other high-end innerspring mattresses, BeautyRest Black uses high quality coils, which are triple braided. They are also sturdy, so they last longer than other ordinary coils.

Unfortunately, there is not much information about the BeautyRest Black models. There are also only a few reviews for the mattress. You can buy them at stores though where you can ask for more details from the sales representative. If you’re price sensitive, you may want to avoid this mattress as the queen size is over $3,000. You can try the mattress for 100 days and you can exchange it with another mattress for a fee of $99. Note that no refunds are allowed.

For Latex: LUCID

For online shoppers looking for a latex mattress, LUCID may be the right one for them. The company is relatively new, but has many products, including bedding, pillows, and mattresses. LUCID also has memory foam mattresses, but their latex mattresses, particularly the 10-inch one is gaining top reviews. Here’s why:

1. The latex mattress promises to provide quick response and support at the same time.

Generally, support and responsiveness don’t go hand in hand. But LUCID does a great job at combining the two. The mattress responds to the shape of the body, while still providing ample support particularly at the back.

2. LUCID mattress has a long warranty period.

The mattress offers 25 years of warranty that allows you to make claims in case there are defects in the mattress.

3. The mattress is built to last.

LUCID mattress has a top layer made of high density foam to give the mattress a medium feel. It also has a three-inch layer made of latex to help with temperature control and breathability. The mattress is constructed with durability in mind, so that it can last for years even with regular use.

4. It sleeps cool.

There will be no worries about sleeping hot with the LUCID 10 inch latex mattress. It comes with a cover with Tencel that is said to have humidity control properties.

5. It offers bounce.

For those looking for the real feel of latex, LUCID is a great option. It has a springy feel and will respond immediately to the curves of the body. At the same time, it is supportive, so you don’t have to worry about pressure points.

LUCID mattresses are vacuum packed when delivered to your doorstep. This way, they are easy to ship and set up. Additionally, there are just a few complaints about the mattress smelling when new. If you’re sensitive to strong odors, you will find this mattress quite a satisfying choice. Some of the owners who talk about the off-gassing of the mattress say that the odor goes away within 48 hours maximum.

For Hybrid Mattress: Saatva

Although the Simmons BeautyRest Black is considered a hybrid mattress, it is more dominant in the coil area. If you’re looking for a hybrid mattress, the Saatva mattress is a much better option. Just looking for reviews about it will help you understand why it is such a great option for a hybrid. Here are the highlights:

1. It is smartly constructed.

Unlike traditional spring mattress, Saatva comes with coil on coil construction; that is, it has two sets of coils that have been wrapped individually, so that you achieve body contouring. The other set of coils are tempered steel and help prevent the mattress from sagging over time.

2. It provides more sleep surface.

If you often roll around your bed and you end up to the edge, you would probably fall off the mattress. This will not happen with Saatva because it is constructed with foam encased edge to give you more space for sleeping – even at the edges.

3. You have firmness options.

If you aren’t sure about the firmness level you want, you can choose between plush soft, luxury firm, and firm options from the Saatva mattress. In general, the soft mattress is for side sleepers as well as those who want to feel as if the mattress is hugging their body. Luxury firm is for those who want medium feel (not soft, not firm) and this is great no matter what your sleep style is. Firm is for stomach and back sleepers as well as those who don’t want any kind of contouring as they sleep.

4. You don’t have to worry about motion transfers.

One common issue with spring mattresses is their inability to provide good motion isolation. The springs tend to vibrate, which results to spreading the movement all over the mattress. One of the sleepers on the bed is disturbed because of the other sleeper’s restless movements. With the Saatva mattress, you can eliminate this from your worries. If your partner moves a lot and it interrupts your sleep, Saatva has addressed this issue with the help of the individually wrapped coils, which are elevated and away from one another. This helps eliminate vibration and therefore, motion transfers.

5. You won’t sleep hot.

Saatva’s method of construction allows for enhanced air ventilation. Additionally, it has a cover that is made of organic cotton which improves its breathability and coolness.

6. It is durable.

According to Saatva, their mattress can last anywhere from 12 to 15 years. As with other products and belongings you have, proper care and maintenance are required to achieve this. Still, the mattresses from Saatva are durable even with minimal care.

Shipping isn’t free with the Saatva mattress though, but it includes complete service which also involves removing the mattress from packaging and setting it up in your home. The mattress will not be compressed though, so you may want to take measurements for easy transport. Warranty and refunds are quite attractive, along with the price in which the most expensive is just $1,399.

Which Type is the Best for You?

It is indeed tricky to shop for a mattress, including the process of choosing the type to go for. Before you buy anything, it always helps to do your research. Unfortunately, some people are pressed for time, so they tend to just buy the one that’s in front of them. This is where your budget comes into play. One trick you can do is to try as many mattresses as you can, starting from the most expensive or one that your budget will allow and you work your way down.

Another very important thing to do is to take advantage of the trial period. There may be conditions, such as extra shipping fees and whether or not you can have a refund or it’s just for exchanging your mattress. The trial period can be as short as 10 to 15 nights and can be as long as the whole year. All you need to do is test the mattress at the comforts of your home. Find out if you’re feeling increased pressure points, you’re sleeping better even when your partner is moving a lot, or you’re sleeping hot. If you’re unhappy with the mattress, you can return it during that time frame.

Once you have decided which type to go for, consider the mattresses listed above based on your own choice of type. If you’re planning to buy at a store, don’t be afraid to haggle. Some stores have fixed price for the mattresses, but if you’re shopping at major chain store, you will be glad to know the price is usually flexible. Meanwhile, if you intend to shop online, it is even better. With so many coupons and even discounts provided by the manufacturer, you can save hundreds of dollars on your next mattress.