Best Mattress Choices below $1000

It’s time to buy a new mattress if you always wake up feeling tired and achy unlike before. When you observe your mattress and it looks saggy, uneven, or lumpy, it is definitely the right time to start searching for a new one. Mattresses are undoubtedly a huge expenditure, but based on the fact that most human beings sleep for seven to eight hours per day, we need a good mattress since this is where we will spend about one-third of our lives. Therefore, it is only appropriate that we allocate some money for this investment on our health and our well-being.

There are some people who would buy a cheap mattress, thinking that they are able to save money. But the truth is there are so many problems that could be encountered with a poor quality mattress. One is that it wouldn’t last for more than a few years and another is that it could even result to shorter sleep cycles. You want to make sure that you’re comfortable in your own bed. Thankfully though, we have numerous options these days unlike before when there were only a few limited mattress selections.

Buying a Mattress Based on Your Budget

Everyone has a different budget; yours could be different from your best friend or your sibling. When we shop for a new mattress – or whatever item we want to buy – we always have a budget set in mind. For a few years, buying a mattress meant you have to visit stores. Unfortunately, most of the in-store mattresses before were so mediocre and yet you had to pay several hundreds to a couple of thousands for them. But the game has certainly changed these days with the advent of online mattress buying. Now, there are many companies creating exceptional mattresses that you can get at a fair and reasonable price.

When it comes to mattresses, the truth is that spending more money doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting top quality. There are actually several affordable mattresses that you can only find online. Why is this so? It is a reality that mattresses that are offered at retail stores have their prices dramatically inflated. Most of the time, there are markups ranging from 300% to 1,000%. Imagine how much you can save if you buy online. The mattresses that are sold online don’t have markups or at least the sellers remove most of it. Compared to in-store mattresses, you could be spending only 30% of what you would normally pay in-store for virtually the same mattress.

Tips for Choosing a Mattress within Your Budget

Here are some more points to remember as you shop for a new mattress with a limited budget:

1. Remember that price doesn’t indicate the quality of the mattress. This is especially true if you’re buying in-store.

2. Don’t go for the very cheap mattresses. You can surely find mattresses that are priced at $500 for a queen size. This is of course quite an attractive offer for you, but remember that price isn’t an indicator of quality. You can save now, but you will suffer in terms of durability, quality, and even the toxicity levels of the mattress.

3. You’ll be happy to know that a good quality mattress can last for at least eight years. If your budget is $1,000, this means you’re only spending $0.27 per day. That’s actually more attractive than buying something that’s cheap, but will only last for two to three years.

A $1,000 budget is actually ideal as a starting point. You will be surprised to know that you can find mattresses with this price that will already give you the benefits of a luxury mattress. Plus, you have plenty of options as well, particularly if you go for online buying.

What Makes a Mattress Pricey?

If you’ve been shopping for a mattress, you will see that the “best choices” are priced at $2,000 and up. The differences in prices are so clear; you will find ultra-cheap mattresses that are only $150 and you can also see mattresses that are as expensive as $8,000. Because of these price disparities, it is difficult to discern why some are pricier than others and whether or not you really get something out of the extra dollars you spend.

There are many factors that affect the price of the mattress, but the biggest reason is the markup, which is in tremendous amounts where mattresses are concerned. For example, you could pay $5,000 for a mattress that actually only costs $300 for its total manufacturing cost. Other factors include the following:

Materials: Usually, the materials used in the mattress determine its quality, aside from how it is manufactured. The durability of the mattress often relies on what kinds of materials are used as well. If it has poor quality mattress, this results in a cheap mattress that could only last for a few years. The filler materials, including their variety and their density, along with the type of fabric used will also affect the cost of the mattress.

Shipping and other fees: Aside from the price of the mattress, you will also have to pay for the shipping or delivery fee – unless it is specified that shipping is free. Some mattresses also offer a generous trial period, but if you decide to return it, you will have to pay for the shipping costs as well.

Brand name: Note how big the difference in pricing is between big brands and small ones. This is because you could be paying for the brand name itself apart from their product.

Price shopping: Another reason is that it is very difficult to “comparison shop” or price shopping where you compare the prices of the mattress. In order to correctly price shop, you will need to compare the same mattresses. Many manufacturers will simply add just one or two features and will name the model differently from the other, so that people won’t be able to compare the prices. This means that even if there are two very similar mattresses, you cannot really compare them unless they are of the same model.

Requirement: Notice how the things that we need are more expensive than just the things that we want. Most of the consumers will only buy a mattress because they need to replace their old one, not because they simply want a new mattress. Oftentimes, time is limited, so people are more than willing to spend money on the mattress in front of them right away.

There are many other factors that affect the price of a mattress. But they all lead to misinformation about the product. Most of us don’t really allot enough time to study and research on a particular mattress. Instead, we go to a store and let the sales agent talk to us about the product and we get convinced right away. One contributing factor to this is the fact that most of us buy a new mattress just once every five to 10 years. It is therefore difficult to compare the new options today from the options during the previous years.

Top Choices

Although there are indeed overpriced mattresses, there are still some that are priced just right. For your $1,000 budget, you want to make sure that you will get a good quality mattress that meets your requirements. Here are your options:

1. Amerisleep Liberty

Amerisleep offers a variety of mattresses for every kind of sleeper. One of their products is the Liberty mattress, which is not only affordable, but also has many wonderful features. Here is a short description of what the Liberty mattress is about:

Material Eco-friendly or bio-based memory foam
Off-gassing (in hours to days) None
Break-in period None to two weeks
Trial period 100 days
Warranty 20 years
Cost Starts as $799 only

At the price of $799 for the Twin size mattress, Amerisleep Liberty has so much to offer. For years, Amerisleep is one of the very few companies that take the health of the consumers seriously. Instead of creating expensive mattresses to make a profit and yet using hazardous materials, Amerisleep focuses on using foam, manufacturing processes, and delivery packaging that are all eco-friendly.

What Makes the Liberty Mattress a Good Choice?

Aside from being environmentally-friendly that is packed with awesome features and high-quality materials, the Liberty mattress gives another reason why you should consider buying it if your budget is $1,000. That is, it can help you fall asleep faster than most other mattresses around – even those that are more expensive. Liberty is so comfortable and can help you sleep 15 minutes faster than the others. If you’re among those who toss and turn at night, Amerisleep Liberty can help you with this problem by reducing the amount of time you keep moving around the bed.

In short, you will sleep peacefully and wake up recharged, refreshed, and alert. What’s more, we all know how important getting enough sleep is. Without it, our health is compromised. In other words, Liberty helps us sleep better, so that we enjoy good health as well. With enough sleep, you also gain extra energy to fulfill your daily tasks.

Liberty also has a cool sleep surface, thanks to the Bio-Pur memory foam and the open cell structure of the mattress. This maximizes the breathability of this Amerisleep product and since no one wants to sleep in a very warm bed, Liberty helps you sleep longer and more comfortably. You will also sleep without worries because the Bio-Pur foam is certified by CertiPUR-US, which confirms that the mattress is made from eco-friendly materials and without toxic substances.

What to Expect from the Amerisleep Liberty Mattress after Buying

If you have chosen to buy the Liberty mattress, here are the things you can expect upon your purchase:

Ordering: The process of ordering is so simple. If you have had any experience buying online, shopping for an Amerisleep mattress is definitely easy. Just choose Liberty from the list of Amerisleep products or simply go to the mattress’ page and select the size you want. Also, if you want to buy a foundation, this is also where you can do so. Proceed to checkout and provide your billing information.

Shipping: After placing your order, you can expect the mattress to arrive in two working days except during major holidays. FedEx will ship it for free if you’re within continental US.

Receiving: The mattress is rolled into a package and compressed. Since it is narrow and in a rolled shape, it will fit your doorway and hallway easily. You wouldn’t have any problems if your room is upstairs or you’re going to ride the elevator. It is wise to check the dimensions of the mattress before ordering, particularly if your door is very narrow.

The Mattress: Upon opening the package, here is where the real fun starts. The mattress has three layers (three inches Bio-Pur, two inches Affinity layer, seven inches Bio-Core layer) and a cover that is Celliant-infused. The latter is one of the qualities that set Amerisleep Liberty apart from its competitors. When it comes to comfort, it is definitely excellent at relieving pressure points without allowing you to sink too far into the mattress. Motion isolation is impressive and will help you sleep peacefully at night even if there’s someone in your bed that likes to move around.

The Liberty mattress is made for different kinds of sleeper. Whether you sleep on your back, sides, or your stomach – even if you’re heavy, you will find this mattress supportive and with helpful benefits. Best of all, you don’t have to spend much more than your allotted budget to enjoy its features.

2. Casper

Here’s another online mattress company to consider if your budget is $1,000. Casper is relatively new, having just launched in 2014, but has been quite a popular name on the Internet. Just like Amerisleep Liberty, Casper is a foam mattress with the following specifications:

Material 100% foam
Off-gassing (in hours to days) None to a few hours
Break-in period None to two weeks
Trial period 100 days
Warranty 10 years
Cost $950 for Queen

Casper is one of the affordable mattresses around that is made in the USA. It has a 10 inch profile consisting of memory foam, poly foam, base foam, and support foam – in short, it is 100% foam. The mattress will be delivered in a compressed or vacuum sealed package. Once opened, it will expand to its real shape.

Is Casper the Mattress for You?

Casper is one of the options you have if you have a limited budget of $1,000. Instead of shopping at retail stores, you will definitely save a lot on a Casper mattress compared to a mattress with almost the same specs.

Many of the owners of the mattress have a problem distinguishing whether it is soft or firm, but since firmness is subjective, it is normal to have varying opinions about it. Nevertheless, Casper is described as a mattress that’s just right in the middle when it comes to its firmness level – meaning, it is neither soft nor firm. It is recommended for side sleepers though, so if you’re one of them, you could appreciate this mattress.

Casper is also a suggested for those who are not used to a full memory foam mattress. Although it is 100% foam, its top layer isn’t memory foam, but poly foam that adds bounce to the mattress. It’s much like latex, which adds to the resilient feel of the Casper mattress.

What to Expect from the Casper Mattress

As mentioned, the top layer is made of poly foam. Here are more details about the four layers:

1.5 inches of poly foam: This top layer is responsive and yet doesn’t feel like memory foam, which contours to the body. It is cool and comfortable, especially for people who are not used to how memory feels.

1.5 inches of memory foam: For the second layer, it is made of memory foam, which is to provide support for the sleeper’s body. It also aims to remove pressure points, so that you will wake up not feeling any back pain or pain in other parts of the body that is common in poor quality mattresses. Casper placed the memory foam under the poly foam to help minimize heat retention problems even though the memory foam used in this mattress is quite thin to result to such issues.

1.5 inches of poly foam: This is just like the top layer, but this time it acts as the support foam and the transitional foam of the mattress. It allows the sleepers to ease into the bottom layer of the mattress.

5 inches of poly foam: As the foundational base of the mattress, it is only right that this layer is thick enough to support the other layers above it and the mattress as a whole.

What sets Casper apart from other foam mattresses is that it does contour to the sleeper’s body, but at the same time, it is very responsive, thanks to the poly foam on top of the memory foam. Many people are actually hesitant in buying memory foam mattresses because of the heat retention problem. Memory foam tends to absorb heat, so several owners complain about sleeping hot. Because there’s poly foam on top of the memory foam layer, this problem is said to be minimized.

Unlike Amerisleep’s cover, there is nothing astounding about the Casper’s cover. It is stretchy though and is quite thin with a soft texture, giving the mattress a little bit more softness. It is also porous, so it is breathable and also has cooling capabilities.

Other Details about the Casper Mattress

Casper mattresses are offered without shipping costs. When we buy anything online, we normally look at the amount we are going to spend on the shipping. Thankfully, Casper doesn’t charge in this aspect. You can save more money without spending on the delivery costs. Another thing about their shipping process is how they compress the mattress. It is squeezed into a small box, so that it would be easier to let the mattress fit through your door no matter how narrow it is. The mattress is also very easy to assemble, so you can have it ready in less than an hour.

Just like with most online mattress brands, you can return the mattress if you’re not happy with it. One good thing about Casper is that the return policy is quite favorable. There are no fees and the returns are quite convenient for the buyer. The trial period used to be for just 40 days, but they expanded it to 100 days, which is a positive change for consumers. Casper is rated high when it comes to customer service as well.

The common complaints about the mattress include its lack of edge support and overall support. It tends to sag within a few years, but with proper care, it can last for more than five years. It may not be recommended for people who are heavier than average, so you may want to look at other choices if you belong to this group of people. Additionally, there’s just one type of Casper mattress available. The lack of choices seems to be a source of complaints for some potential buyers. Nevertheless, if you have a limited budget and Casper meets what you’re looking for in a mattress, it just might be the right one for you.

3. Yogabed Mattress

Another online option that will help you avoid the overhead costs when buying a mattress at retail stores is Yogabed. It is one of the newest additions to the growing direct to consumer companies in the mattress industry today. Here are the highlights for this mattress:

Material Different types of foam
Off-gassing (in hours to days) None to a few hours
Break-in period None to two weeks
Trial period 365 days
Warranty 10 years
Cost Up to $949

As you can see from the table above, the Yogabed offers one of the longest, if not the longest, trial periods around. You can test the mattress at the convenience of your home for the whole year and you can return it if you’re unhappy with it even if you already used the mattress within that duration of time.

What’s in a Yogabed Mattress?

If you’re looking for mattresses that are within your budget of $1,000, Yogabed is one of your options, especially if you’re in the market for a foam mattress. Here’s how the mattress is constructed:

One inch of foam: Called the Yoga Instant Response Forma, this is actually a polyfoam that makes up the first layer of the mattress. Its main job is to provide a nice degree of comfort, while being responsive to the sleeper.

Two inches of memory foam: This layer is made of viscoelastic memory foam that is gel infused to keep the sleeper cool all night. Because it is memory foam, expect it to contour to the body, while providing relief from pressure. The aim of this gel-infused layer is to pull heat away from the body of the sleeper, while giving the other mentioned benefits.

Six inches of foam: This layer is for deep compression support and although there is another layer at the bottom, this third layer uses high density support foam. It therefore acts as a foundational base for the other comfort layers.

One inch of foam: Finally, the fourth layer is the support foam of the mattress that provides the mattress support and shape.

Just like Amerisleep, Yogabed is also certified by CertiPUR-US. As for the cover of the mattress, it is quite easy to remove. You only need to unzip it and is machine washable. The cover is smooth and textured in some areas. For its firmness, it is neither too soft nor too firm for most sleepers. The mattress offers free shipping and will arrive compressed in a box. The warranty is shorter than other mattress companies with only 10 years. Still, it has a very long trial period of 365 nights.

How to Know if the Yogabed Mattress is a Good Option for You?

For your budget of $1,000, you actually have a ton of options to consider. You may want to look into Yogabed if you are:

Looking for a medium feel mattress: As mentioned, this mattress is neither too soft nor too firm. It mostly fits people who don’t want a very soft mattress and avoid those that are very firm. Medium feel mattresses are ideal for back sleepers, but can also be a great option no matter what your sleep style is.

Looking for a mattress that sinks farther: If you are less than 150 lbs. or you’re of average weight, you won’t really feel a significant amount of sinkage in the mattress. The same is true if you are a back or stomach sleeper, since you will mostly experience a balanced level of sinkage. For those who are heavier or those who sleep mainly on their side, a more pronounced hug will be evident. Nevertheless the mattress may be able to support people who are up to 250 pounds on each side.

Not used to sleeping or using the edge of the bed: There are complaints about the Yogabed’s edge support, which is considered as the weakest part of the mattress. If you sleep or sit on the edge of the mattress quite often, you may want to look for another option.

With the Yogabed’s 365 days risk-free trial, it is indeed a unique mattress to check out. However, it does lack some features, so if you really want a mattress that offers a good value for your $1,000, Amerisleep Liberty is more recommended. In the end, the choice is always up to you. Arming yourself with the information and knowledge about your own requirements, preferences, and regarding your available choices based on your budget, you will surely be able to find the best mattress for you.

How to Save without Sacrificing Quality

If this is the first time you’re buying a mattress, you probably think that you have to spend thousands of dollars just for you to get a good quality mattress. This is not true, so don’t let the price fool you. Here are some tips that will help you in shopping for a mattress that is just right for your budget, while still offering the best quality your money can buy:

1. Have a budget before you shop. This is very important, so make sure that you create a budget first before you start searching for a mattress. Your budget does not have to be so large. It can be quite intimidating and a little bit worrisome to buy an affordable mattress, which is why some people are eager to spend thousands for a mattress that actually has the same features and benefits as an affordable mattress that at least costs 30% less.

2. Know what you want. Aside from your budget, you should also know your own requirements. This is actually a more difficult part than just determining your budget. With so many options to choose from, including the fact that there are different types of mattresses out there, it is easy to get confused regarding what exactly you need. To help you have a never-ending list of options, know first what type of mattress you want. Understand their strong and weak points. For instance, if you want a memory foam mattress, know about its advantages, such as excellent motion isolation and pressure relief as well as its disadvantages, such as heat retention and lack of bounce.

3. Shop online. Again, this can be intimidating, especially if it is your first time to buy a mattress. It is so easy to make a mistake because you don’t really know how a mattress would feel like until it arrives at your home. You will have to place an order first, wait a few days for the delivery, and try out the mattress for the very first time. The good news about shopping online is that most of them offer a long trial period and you can get your money back in full if you don’t like the mattress you ordered. Make sure that you have read the return policy first before placing an order, since there are some mattress companies that don’t offer returns, but simply replacements.

Yes, you can spend several thousands of dollars on a new mattress. But this doesn’t mean it is necessary. Take for example the mattress options listed above. As you can see from there, you can find a mattress that is below one-thousand-dollar benchmark without worrying about the quality, durability, and your overall comfort.